Are you struggling to keep up with all your social media and marketing ideas and posts? I have the answer. It’s CoSchedule.

When I first started blogging, I was instantly overwhelmed by the number of platforms that I needed to be delivering on and working a 9-5 job was making this look really daunting. Trying to remember which posts needed to be published, when they will publish (oh-yeah- I forgot to publish one once ughhh), and which social media platforms they need to get distributed to. Not to mention reviving old posts. This was going to take a full-time position, which I clearly didn’t have the luxury of having.

So, I began looking into software that could streamline those efforts so that I could just keep up and after researching and trying out several others, decided on CoSchedule.

What Is CoSchedule?

If you haven’t heard of CoSchedule before, it’s an amazing software that helps businesses and teams organize their content, social media, and marketing efforts all in one place. It’s got a drag and drop calendar for adjusting campaigns on the fly, email marketing integration, social scheduling tools, and task management abilities.

There are so many incredible things that CoSchedule can do for a blogging business and I've included my top five here that I have found to be insanely useful in managing and marketing my blog every day. #contentcalendar #socialmediamarketing… Click To Tweet

1. CoSchedule Headline and Email Subject Analyzers

Headline Analyzer

The CoSchedule Headline Analyzer is actually free and you don’t even need a paid account to use it (you will have to register for their newsletter). The analyzer looks at your headline and determines how effective the headline will be based on a few things like use of power and emotional words.

It’s incredibly easy to use. Just pop in your headline and click on analyze. It will generate a report with a score out of 100 and offer some suggestions for improvement. Just keep adding in the suggestions and re-analyzing until you get the winning combo!

So why is this important? Using powerful headlines will help you to get more clicks to your site. More traffic means more readers. More readers means more sales.

I’ve also found this really handy when trying to come up with high-converting pin headlines as well. This stuff really works!

Email Subject Line Tester

This is similar to the headline analyzer but works on your email subject lines. Again, you pop in your original idea, hit enter and it will analyze and give you some suggestions. It even offers some key words that help with your open rate.

I’ve recently been incorporating their suggestions into my email subject lines and my open rate has increased by over 5%!

2. Social Media ReQueue

Not only can you connect your social media accounts to almost every major social media platform including Twitter, Facebook (groups and pages), Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest, but you can also set up a system to automatically post scheduled posts when you need them.

You can connect up to eight social profiles and the calendar will keep track of every post that is scheduled or has gone out. Sorting the profiles with a filtered view at any time to see what you have going on at any given time is also a great way to see what is happening in your content and marketing schedule.

Built-In Analytics

The built-in analytics are incredible in CoSchedule. Once a social campaign has been created, CoSchedule tracks the campaign on each individual platform so that I can quickly see how it performs.

You can generate reports and filter by date easily. The report breaks down how each post did based on time, day and what kind of post it was (text-only, graphic, graphic with text etc.) so you can really see what is working in your business quickly.

CoSchedule also sends me a weekly update to tell me how many interactions I got from scheduling posts through CoSchedule and more importantly, how much time I saved by using it. Last week, I was up to over 5 hours!

Now, I don’t know about you, but I can get A LOT done in 5 hours!!

3. WordPress Integration

This is one of the best features they have. Having access straight to the headline analyzer, task list and social media marketing all at my fingertips while I’m writing my posts is absolutely fantastic!

Every time I start a new draft post, CoSchedule adds it to my calendar as a draft and as soon as I set up my social media marketing plan and hit publish, it does all the work for me. I am instantly able to see it both in my calendar and in my blog post.

This is seriously so much better than jumping around from site to site trying to see what I’ve got going on. It is all in one place all the time. I can even return to an old post and check in on the analytics of how marketing is performing and make any changes as needed.

4. Email Marketing Integration with MailChimp

CoSchedule intergrates seemlessley with MailChimp right from the dashboard and you can also conenct several other email service providers to keep track of your campaigns.

If you are using MailChimp, once connected to the app, you can easily write, edit and send email marketing campaigns! Just click on the campaign, make your changes and click save. How easy is that?

If you aren’t using MailChimp, (I am currently using MailerLite) CoSchedule will integrate with some other popular providers like ActiveCampaign and Constant Contact. After you’ve connected the two, all your campaigns will show up in your calendar as Email Marketing content. Then you will be able to set up tasks and discussions with your team on each campaign as well as quickly click a link and be directed to your email service for editing.

5. Social Campaigns and Helper Templates

I’ve really saved the best for last here. I will be honest. When I first started using CoSchedule, I was hesitant because of the price tag. And as a few weeks went on, I was second guessing if there was any possible way I could bootstrap the same services by using a few different free platforms.

That was until I came across a video from CoSchedule on creating social campaign templates. GAME CHANGER. It was at this point forward that I knew I was a lifer.

What does this amazing feature do? Well for starters, it allows you to build a specific marketing campaign over any period of time. For instance, I have a blog post marketing campaign that schedules to Facebook (group and page) and Twitter on publish day as well as several other scheduled dates after that.

The magic is that I also set those first day’s messages to automatically be added to the ReQueue where it is continuously published to those platforms depending on the parameters I used in the settings. GENIUS!

The only time I need to revisit them is when I am updating old post copy content or the graphics, which is super easy to do in the CoSchedule dashboard.

Some ideas for social media helper templates are:

  • Blog Post Marketing (MUST-HAVE)
  • Affiliate Marketing (I actually didn’t sleep one whole night dreaming about how I would set this up!! I’m a dork- I know!)
  • Course and Product Launches (I created this one when I was marketing my Simply Blogging Course, knowing that it would come in handy for my next launch)

What platform do you use to manage your content and social media? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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