Get Your Gratitude On

How daily gratitude can help you live a happier life

What exactly is gratitude? Post Contents What exactly is gratitude?Why do I practice daily gratitude?How can gratitude help get your sparkle on?Incorporate gratitude into your daily lifeStart a Gratitude JournalMake a Gratitude BoardVisualize ItHow do you currently practice gratitude? I would love to hear it! According to Google, by definition, gratitude is the quality of […]

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Why Self Love is So Important

Dream Big, Sparkle Bigger

Dream Big, Sparkle Bigger Post Contents Dream Big, Sparkle BiggerThe bottom line. It still hurts.A coin purse becomes inspirationAnd so, the first Sparkle Spotlight Inspirational Post is bornI’d love to hear about your weekly sparkle spotlight if you’ve found it. If not, I hope this pots helps to inspire. I’ve been thinking lately that there’s […]

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The Blogging Babes Collective

Blogging Babes Collective

What is the Blogging Babes Collective All About? Post Contents What is the Blogging Babes Collective All About?I would say that I am an over-achiever by natureI really felt that I’ve missed out on an entire era of life. How did everyone in the world seem to know what an SEO, WP acronym, rich pin […]

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