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The Sunshine Blogger Award 2018

I've recently been nominated for the 2018 Sunshine Blogger Award which recognizes blogging peers that have helped to inspire. What an honour, really! Here, I nominate my top 11 bloggers who have helped to inspire me in my blogging journey.

I was recently nominated by the beautiful Wendy from One Exceptional Life for the Sunshine Blogger Award in 2018. Seeing as I just started out blogging mid-July, I had no idea what this was and was truly surprised to find it pop on on my Twitter feed. I honestly couldn’t understand how I would be […]

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How to Hide Pin Images in Your Blog

The secret to hiding Pinterest Pins in your blog posts! This will work if you are using either the Classic or the Gutenberg editor in WordPress! Includes step-by-step video instructions. Includes step-by-step video instructions. #Pinterset #Howto #Gutenberg

(Even if you are using Gutenberg!) This is going to be a really quick post! I just have to share RIGHT NOW! When I started out blogging, I found out really quickly that hiding the extra graphics for future pinning or sharing within your post was the cat’s “meow”.  Doing this made sure that your […]

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