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Finding Your Why and the Importance of Living With Purpose

A deep connection to your “WHY” in business, will help you stay clear, connected, and graceful on your path.

Let’s get honest here. There is more than just a product, a desire to write blog posts or share pretty pictures behind your business. It was a calling you had to answer on your own terms. A deeper form of creative expression.

What happens when we first start a business? There is a fire ignited within us that drives us to buy the domain, choose a beautiful color palette, and get to work.

In many cases-what happens three months later? Well, perhaps we set some lofty goals- and didn’t meet them on our first go around. Our fire gets dimmed, if not snuffed out for a few weeks and we lose momentum.

Momentum is crucial when building and maintaining a business- and this drive, this power- comes directly from getting crystal clear on your “WHY”.

I’ll share some prompts with you in a bit to dive deeper into your personal WHY, but I want to tap into how effective knowing this truth- and why you should revisit it often.

Being Clear on Your Why Can Help Your Business

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First of all, if you are a creative entrepreneur (which I am sure if you are here- YOU ARE!) you know how much fun the idea stage can be. It’s like this fantastic unicorn just shows up and you get to fly it to the moon and create this amazing offering or a personal blog that you know is going to change the world.

Totally awesome and engaging- until we start to realize just how intense shifting into soul centered business ownership or an authentic side hustle can be.

That’s when the doubt creeps in- and if you haven’t established your WHY it will be the one thing that will hold you back from major success.

WHY were you called to step into a side hustle or create this business entity of yours?

I can guarantee you- that there is a deeper answer then you might currently be aware of.

Sure, it sounded fun- and this is certainly the age of DIY, and I bet your oil roll-ons are NEXT LEVEL….but what truly called you to step into this work?

What sacred level was activated by you saying “YES” to this dream?

In one way or another, you challenged yourself to grow into this space, and guess what friend- YOU ARE HERE. Now let’s get the driving force behind your momentum on PAPER and stamped into your heart and mind so there is no room for doubt or comparison along the way.

How To Focus on Your Purpose

PAUSE. Right here and grab your journal. I encourage you to take a moment, a few deep breaths, come to your center- and then tap into these three prompts:

  1. Why did I create my business, blog, or offering?
  2. Why is my offering important for others?
  3. Why is success important to me?

I want to take a minute and explain the value that your answers to each of these questions hold.

Having a Why Will Give Your Business Purpose and Clarity

Looking at the first questions, knowing why you were called to create the business that you have created reveals a lot. Especially if you are currently up against any blocks, or are feeling overwhelmed in any way.

Did you create it because it was a call that rose inside of you? Was it a momentary flash of genius that pushed you into creation mode? Or did you see someone else creating it and get inspired by how much fun or how easy it looked? Was it the potential to make money for yourself?

Let me also give you grace around this, and help you to KNOW that there are no wrong answers here.

However, if you are finding yourself answering that first question in a way that isn’t making you feel BRIGHT- it might be time for an honest reframe. Go even deeper. If you need to crack into some emotional stuff- get it out of the system so you can receive the clarity we are digging for!

Understanding Your Why Can Help You Better Serve Your Audience

Reflecting on the second question will help you get even clearer on your ideal client or niche market. You have to know so deeply WHY your work is important not just for yourself- but also for others. Often, we have these moments of deep understanding that our work is needed in this world. But often that gets swept up with the productivity and hustle mentality. Next thing you know we are feeling resentment in our work and that is never where we want to be.

Reminding ourselves of how our work might be in service to our community, or to the other amazing humans out there trying to get their dreams growing- will always help to ground you and reignite the light in your work.

Finding Your Why Can Improve Your Life

Finally, crystallizing your WHY on success, will help you stay graceful (and grateful!).  In those seasons when it just feels like SO MUCH WORK. Everyone’s version of success is unique. It is always nice to tap into what being successful means for you. And then to remember why it is important to you.

I want to take a minute here and just honor you so much for the work you are doing. It is so powerful, valuable, and you are creating massive impact. By committing to deeper clarity around your mission- you will not only be able to write more aligned content, a richer bio, and create content that LIGHTS everyone up- you will feel better doing it. In all honesty, isn’t that a big piece of your work?

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