How Pinterest Ninja Skyrocketed My Blog Traffic Over 1000% in Less Than 30 Days!
How Pinterest Ninja Skyrocketed My Blog Traffic Over 1000% in Less Than 30 Days!

When I started out blogging, it became clear really quickly that I would need to up my Pinterest game to make it in the blogging world. Pinterest is the big daddy of all blog marketing. I had been using it for a long time for all kinds of home-related things, it was a bit hodgepodge and lack-luster. 

With reports from mainstream articles like Forbes claiming that Pinterest would remain a platform to continue to watch for content marketers, I wanted to find a course to help me get started.

Of course, I went straight to Pinterest to find some relevant course options, both free and paid, that I could use to invest in myself and level up my game. I am a huge fan of investing in yourself through course content. You can never know everything all the time (don’t tell my husband I said that lol). 

How Pinterest Ninja Came to the Rescue to Increase My Traffic

One of the most common pins I came across was the Pinterest Ninja course. I read a few reviews and the price was more than reasonable for the amount of content being offered. I bought it right then and dove in head first.

I am so grateful that I did! This turned out to be one of my favorite blogging resources of all time.

Megan Johnson, the creator of the book, has an amazing knowledge of Pinterest and how to use it to build your blog. It’s easy to read and understand in the simplest terms and the extra video tutorials are super helpful if you are a see-it-to-learn-it type, like me. 

So what happened to my Pinterest game?? Let me tell you…. 

pinterest ninja course

Increased my Pinterest Viewers and Engagement Drastically

When I say drastically. I mean DRASTICALLY! After 30 days, I went into my analytics to check on the progress. Over 1000% increases for both my average monthly viewers and engaged viewers!!

Take a look at my stats over the last 30 days! WOW!

Pinterest Traffic Increases Over 1000%

Create a Pinterest Profile for Your Business that Shines

One of the first things the course suggested was for me to clean up all of my boards. I wished I had taken a before shot now ’cause don’t they look all pretty after her advice?? Keeping things clean and organized definitely helps you to look more professional.

Pinterest Home Page

If you aren’t graphic savvy, her course has some freebie Pinterest covers for you to snag.

Facebook Groups to Increase Blog and Pinterest Traffic

Although Pinterest is an important key to generating traffic for bloggers, as a new blogger, you will also need to leverage the power of Facebook groups.

Luckily, Pinterest Ninja has a huge list of over 100 Facebook groups just for bloggers. Many of them are share thread groups that help to get traffic to your blog.

If you’ve never checked a share thread out, I wrote a blog post about how they work that you can check out here.

Great Pinterest Group Boards for Any Niche

Along with all the Facebook groups, the Pinterest Ninja course also had over 350 Pinterest Group Board lists separated by niche, along with instructions on how to be invited.

Group boards can be phenomenal for getting your content repinned to the right audience.

Although Pinterest seems to have a decrease in some traffic generated by group boards, there is still some strong game in using niche-specific group boards, which this course has ready for you to join.

Convert to a Pinterest Business Account, Verify my Website and Enable Rich Pins

Having a business account that is attached to your website allows you to access stats right from Pinterest on how your pins are doing and if your posts are being read or “clicked”. This info is key if you want to track who your audience is and what they are looking to read.

Rich pins are key to helping increase engagement. They link directly to your blog and to your post and give an extra bit of information on the pin. They look more professional and because of this, gain more attraction.

Check out my impressions from the just the last two weeks! Pretty amazing I would say!

How Richpins Increased Pinterest Daily Impressions and Viewers

Bonus Tailwind Tutorial

Another biggie in this whole Pinterest marketing game is Tailwind. Tailwind is an automated Pinterest scheduler that saves a ton of time pinning content. 

You can literally schedule hundreds of pins at one time. This is a game changer for me. Scheduling out tons of pins each day is just not budgeted in my time. The best part is you can get it FREE for your first 100 posts!

Pinterest Ninja also showed how to use Tailwind Tribes to even further increase traffic and engagement. It’s a really cool concept, similar to Pinterest group boards but with better analytics to track your game.

Introduction to Affiliate Programs that ANYONE Can Use

One really great addition, outside of Pinterest marketing, is the addition of some great ways for beginners to incorporate affiliate marketing into your blog.

Megan includes 85 affiliates and to get started with for any niche! AMAZING!

Why I Loved Pinterest Ninja eCourse?

There’s honestly so much content, that I can’t possibly capture it all here. There’s info on creating graphics, getting free stock photos, creating mini-courses, branding, SEO, AND some freebies and discounts at the end. All for a crazy low price…

Get your hands on this blog-changing eCourse here!

Pinterest Ninja by Megan Johnson

Have you used any Pinterest marketing courses to up your blog traffic?

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