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how to create an interactive lead magnet quiz

Creating interactive quizzes in the business world in HOT right now. According to Forbes, the demand for interactive content such as quizzes will continue to grow and Buzzsumo has stated that tthe average quiz is shared nearly 2,000 times.

Interact is an amazing tool for creating online quizzes that generate leads, segment your audience, and drive traffic to your website. And with Interact’s opt-in forms performing at 50% conversion, they can quickly help you grow your subscribers.

Most people are excited about growing their email lists with Interact. But I think there’s something even better about creating an Interact quiz. The opportunity to really understand your audience.

And this, my blogging babes, will make you a better blogger.

How an Interact Quiz Can Help You Be a Better Blogger

One of the most fundamental things I learned early on is how important connecting with your audience is. The idea of just haphazardly creating content on the fly and hoping that it speaks to your readers is not only a time-waster, but it’s also ineffective most of the time.

In order to give you readers quality content that they come back to, you need to really know them. What are their struggles? Where are they trying to end up? And most importantly, how can you help.

As a good blogger, you should be trying to answer these questions all the time. The tricky part is, how do you get these answers? I have had very few clients just straight out tell me what they need help with. And that’s sometimes because they are unsure themselves.

So, how exactly can you find these answers without looking like you are making it their job to tell you? A quiz. It’s a fun, interactive, no pressure way to find out exactly what your audience needs so that you can tailor your messages directly to those needs.

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Step 1: Brainstorming Your Quiz

Come up with your quiz topic

The very first thing you want to think about when creating your quiz is what is the topic going to be about. Will it be fun and light-hearted? Will it give your quiz-taker a direction for their business? Will it help them improve something? Maybe help them understand their own struggles?

As a fun way to interact with my readers, I wanted to engage them in a quiz related to blogging or business and integrate some useful solutions for them as part of the outcome.

Map out your questions and results

The next stage of creating your quiz is to map out your questions and results. Interact makes this part really easy so don’t stress too much about the details. Just have in mind a general outcome that you will be looking for.

One of the things I struggled with early on was trying to figure out which questions would work best and how I would measure the information I was receiving. (Luckily, Interact did all the work for me on this one.)

Determine what goal you want your quiz to have

Making sure that you have an ultimate goal with your quiz will be really important. Are you looking to use it as an opt-in for lead generation? Maybe as a lead magnet to grow your email list? Are you using it as a marketing tool to connect with your audience?

I’ve been thinking about doing a quiz for several months. I really wanted a quiz that could help me understand the needs of my readers and use it to help them with their blogging journey.

Also, I have been focusing on building my subscribers and knew that this was a perfect opportunity to add to my email list, which would be a great bonus.

Step 2: Choose a Quiz Template

Using Quiz Templates

When I realised that Interact quizzes have over 200 ready-made templates available to use I was super pumped. Because honestly, I’ve never built a quiz before and I had no idea where to start.

There’s a ton of research that goes into what questions are valuable and thankfully the people at Interact have done all the heavy lifting on that one.

Creating a quiz with Interact is super simple. All you do is click on “+ Create a New Quiz” and then you can choose to use a template or start from scratch.

Next, choose templates that will fit your industry. You can choose as many as you want in this step. For me, I started with business and blogging but there are a ton of options.

Quiz Categories

Once you’ve selected the ones that fit, you are prompted to choose what kind of quiz you are looking to create (assessment, personality or scored).

I really had no idea what I wanted so I just chose all of them and presto! I was presented with a TON of quiz selections that would be perfect for my audience. I went through a bunch of them and checked my own results to see how they function.

Quiz Templates

I may have even gone back and tested fun quizzes totally outside my niche . Guess what? I’m a Merlot! (Cause I just had to know what kind of wine I am! lol)

I finally decided to start with a quiz on finding out where you are on the blogging roadmap. I’ll get into the details of why a little later in this article. Once I chose my quiz, the rest was easy-peasy.

Step 3: Create a Cover Page

Creating a Quiz Cover

Once you’ve chosen a quiz template (or created your own) you need to create your quiz cover page. There really wasn’t a whole lot of tweaks to do with the one I chose, but I did pick a new cover photo.

You can use the stock photos that come with the quiz but I was worried that there may be another one out there identical so I updated it.

The other thing I did was to customize the quiz using my brand colours, logos and font so that it would fit seamlessly into my website afterward. All you do is change the branding settings on the left and it will apply to the entire quiz.

Step 4: Review Your Questions

Come up with your questions and answers

Luckily, all of the questions and answers in my quiz template fit with what I was looking for so I didn’t need to make any changes. But, you can easily add or take away questions as well as answers to better suit your style.

You even have an option to use images instead of written answers just to spice up the quiz a little for those who love visual context better.

Choose your quiz style

Although I wasn’t sure what style of quiz I wanted to use in the beginning, I ended up with a personality style quiz. As I work with many new bloggers, I thought this was a great way to help them see where they are at with their blogging business in a super fun way.

Quiz Questions

Step 5: Determine What Your Quiz Results Will Be

Decide your quiz results

The idea behind every quiz is to give an outcome based on their results. With my quiz, the template provided three different results based on their answers:

  • You Get Visibility
  • You Get Traffic
  • You Mean Business

I thought these worked perfectly for what I was measuring so I didn’t change them at all.

Choose where the result will lead your audience

Now, this is where the fun part comes in. I could have left the quiz as it was, and just generate their results. The Interact quiz is set up to give the results automatically without me having to change anything but I wanted something a little extra.

You can even choose to allow your audience to get results without giving their email. (That might seem counter-intuitive, but my reader experience is most important so I chose this option).

There are two options for providing results.

  1. Redirect to a custom page that shows their result and can have additional CTA’s
  2. Create a CTA at the bottom of the pre-done result page asking your reader to click for more information (you can send them to a landing page or article etc.)
Quiz Results

Set up a Call-to-Action or a Redirect

I chose to use a redirect to a custom landing page at the end of the results. This was a perfect opportunity to help my audience out on the spot! By adding a bit of text and a link that can potentially help the quiz taker to a landing page, you can easily build out the quiz and add additional resources to help!

So, I quickly went to Elementor and set up three simple landing pages. Each one had their result on it along with three free resources that could help them further.

For example, if they got, “You Get Visibility”, I offered a link to an article on growing your audience through Facebook share threads, a guide to productivity for bloggers to reduce overwhelm and a link to my Facebook support group.

I thought this was absolutely genius. Just another way to help my readers in a very pinpointed direction.

Results Redirection

Step 6: Email Integration and Mapping

Connect Your Quiz to an Email Marketing Service

After you’ve got your quiz all set up and ready to go, you’ll need to integrate it with your email service provider in order to keep track of all the leads that are generated. (Note: Email integration isn’t offered on the free plan)

Interact quizzes integrate with all the major email platforms including Active Campaign, MailChimp, Mailerlite, Kartra and Constant Contact. I am using Mailerlite and the integration was super simple. You will need to grab your API key from your email service provider to connect the two but that’s about as complicated as it gets.

After you’ve connected, you’ll customize a pre-built opt-in form that will match the branding that you connected in the previous steps.

Segment Your Lists

The next step is setting up your lead segmentation. Now, you might be thinking that one list of all of your quiz takers is good enough. But if you did that, you’d be leaving so much opportunity out!

This is truly where Interact quizzes are AMAAAAHZING!! The back-end of this program is where it shines.

Not only should you set up a group for each answer result, but you should take advantage of setting up segments or groups for each individual answer or groups of answers.

Because I mainly focus on helping people in the early stages of their blogging career, I wanted to make sure to segment those users who may need help in a particular area. To do this, I set up a group in Mailerlite that corresponds to each question.

For instance, Question 1 was “Do you have a presence on the main social media platforms?”. I set up a group called “May Need Help With Social Media” and set a trigger for anyone that answered “I only do a couple”, “Social Media what?” and “Less than 4” to be added to it.

That way, when I create something that might be able to help these readers like a freebie, downloadable, webinar or article, I can specifically send out tailored newsletter campaigns that will appeal to their needs. This is SOOO much better than just casting out a giant net of helping tools that don’t apply.

Segmenting Your Quiz Results

Step 7: Promote Your Quiz on Your Website

Place your quiz on your website

Interact really helps with the promotion end of your quiz as well. They offer several different types of options including popups, announcement bars and embed codes.

I chose to create a pop up so that my quiz will be seen frequently. I also built a landing page in Elementor that matches my results pages and embedded it there. You can check my quiz landing page here.

Promoting Your Interact Quiz

Promote your quiz

As well as the popup and landing page, I promoted my quiz to my Facebook page and group as well as to Twitter and I will use my CoSchedule app to set them on Evergreen so they will continue to circulate in my feed.

I also created a Pinterest pin and added it to my Tailwind and Tribes for additional exposure. And, with the embed tool, I easily added it to my resource library in my Membervault platform where I keep all my free blogging resources.

Interact also has a way to set up a Facebook ad for your quiz but I’m not quite there yet. Maybe soon!!

Step 8: Add Analytics to Your Quiz

One of the coolest things built in to Interact Lite plan and higher is the ability to watch real-time results of how your quiz is performing. This is based on the number of views, starts, completions, and leads.

My quiz is still really new and I haven’t put in a ton of time into marketing it but the conversion rate between starts and leads is around 34%. In one week, I’ve gained 26 subscribers. (Keep in mind that I have the quiz set up so that they don’t have to give their email to see the results)

quiz analytics
Lead captures

Connect Your Quiz to Facebook Pixels and Google Analytics

You can also go a step further with analytics and connect to your Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics to get a better picture of how far your reach is with your quiz.

Set up can be done directly through Interact and is a fairly simple process to connect them. I set mine up but haven’t done much with them yet, but I figure they might come in handy in the future.

Final Thoughts on Creating a Quiz

Overall, I am totally impressed with Interact quizzes. At first, I was feeling overwhelmed buy the process of having to decide what kind of quiz to create and what the final outcome would be.

I was pleasantly surprised that when I finally got into the creative part of it, there was so much built into Interact that those decisions were all done for me. My new shiny lead generation and audience connecting quiz was literally built in no time flat.

And I was totally surprised at how excited and geeked-out I got over the segmentation. Finding new ways to better help my readers is key for developing my business and this works perfectly.

If you are looking for creating resources that help your audience or growing your email list, Interact quizzes might be just the thing you are looking for!

Check out my quiz here to see how it all works or build your own free Interact quiz!

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