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Using Tailwind to Boost Your Pinterest Marketing

What is Tailwind?

Tailwind is an amazing auto-scheduler, used initially for Pinterest but has expanded it’s reach to Facebook, Twitter and has just launched some incredible new features with Instagram posting. It allows you to take graphics or pictures that you have created that are linked with your blog posts and share them to Pinterest in the future, all in one click!

I actually got on board with Tailwind program in the very first days of starting my blog. The registration was free for the first 100 posts and I had been seeing a ton of great reviews on it, so naturally I signed up to check it out.

I’ll be honest. I looked around a little, shared a couple things, felt a little overwhelmed and didn’t go back for a few weeks. In fact, I almost completely threw the whole concept out the window. 

But, luckily, with the help from Megan Johnson over at and her phenomenal Pinterest Ninja eCourse, I got right back into the swing of it. That would have been a blog-killer if I hadn’t. whewwwww

The combination of Pinterest Ninja and Tailwind has made a huge difference in my Pinterest interactions and engagement! Over 1000% increase in fact! I posted a full review of the Pinterest Ninja course if you would like to check it out.

I’m going to share with you step-by-step just how easy this process is so that you don’t throw in the towel on this time and game-saver for getting traffic to your blog posts!

Setting Up Your Tailwind Account

Setting up a Tailwind account is really easy and luckily the first 100 pins are free so you can play around a bit.

Signing Up for Your Free Trial of Tailwind

  1. Head over to Tailwind
  2. Click on the green Free Trial button
  3. Here, you can choose to sign up using your Pinterest or Instagram accounts
  4. Give authorization for Tailwind to access your account
  5. To complete the signup, create add your email address and choose a password
  6. Tailwind will prompt you to download their browser extension. Do it! It is going to make scheduling a breeze! After you’ve downloaded, there will be a quick tutorial on how to schedule pins with the browser extension
  7. That’s it! It is totally worthwhile to watch the “Mastering Tailwind” video. It’s only about 10 minutes and packed with great tips.
how to scheudle pins on Tailwind

Set up Your Pinning Schedule

After you are all signed-up, you’ll want to set up your pinning schedule preferences. Depending on where you are with your blogging business, you’ll want to create a schedule so that you can pin your own pins with a combination of other, high-quality pins.

To set your daily pinning schedule, head over to Publisher>Scheduled Pins in the dashboard. This is where all your scheduled pins are shown (both in one-by-one view and a daily schedule view).

At the bottom of your daily view on the right, you will find a clock icon and a link that says “Add/Remove Time Slots”. Click on the button “Recreate Schdedule” to modify the number of pins per day you would like to schedule.

creating a schedule in Tailwind
Creating a Schedule in Tailwind

That’s all you have to do! Tailwind will automatically choose timeslots that are the most active for your audience which is awesome!

How Often Should You Schedule Pins on Tailwind?

Although there is no exact formula, most pinners start out pinning 20% their content and 80% others. This is good in the beginning especially when you don’t have a lot of your own content to share.

As you grow you blog and you have more content, you can start shifting that to more of your own content. Like I said, there’s no magic number, but I’ve heard of some very successful pinners pinning 90% their own content. It may be best to start small and then use trial and error.

PRO TIP: To get the most of your 100 free pins, start with 10 per day and the 80/20 split. Schedule two of your own and eight other high-quality pins. This will give you ten days to check out how it all works.

How to Schedule Your Pin in Tailwind

First, Get Your Post Ready for Pinning

You’ll need to create an appropriately sized picture for each social media sharing site and add ALT Descriptions in EVERY picture using all keywords or phrases and hashtags (this makes adding to Tailwind super simple- you’ll see later).

You can either save all the graphics within your post or use code to hide pins within the post. If coding isn’t your thing and you don’t want a cluttered feed, you can also use a plugin like Tasty Pins to hide your graphics.

For my posts, I prefer either Canva, Stencil or PicMonkey to create my graphics as they are easy to use and have a free version available with the option to upgrade to more features. As a beginner, the free version will work just fine. 

To save you some time, generally the picture that you have set for your feature photo will work for both the Facebook and Twitter posts but if you want to create your own from scratch, here are the optimized dimensions (as of May 2018).

Social MediaSize (px)
Pinterest Regular600×900
Pinterest Long 600×1260
Facebook Posts2048×2048
Twitter Feed1024×512

Proofread and Double Check Your Graphics for Errors

Yes! Do not skip this or skim it too fast. This is really important as you won’t want to be deleting them later or wasting your Tailwind or Tribe share counts.

Trust me on this one. It’s really embarrassing to find out a post you created was re-shared by a huge developer with SPELLING & GRAMMATICAL errors.

Ughhhhh. You I learn the hard way I guess.

Make sure to proofread
Make sure to proofread!

Share to the Tailwind App

After the blog post has been thoroughly edited and officially published, it’s time to share your magic to Tailwind and Tribes.

The easiest way to do this is to download the Tailwind app to your browser. (You can use Tailwind in both desktop and an iOS version; unfortunately, it’s not available for Android as of this publishing date).

This will allow you to choose several graphics at one time. You can find the desktop download at the Chrome Store here if you didn’t download it in your setup steps.

(You can also click on the Tailwind logo as you hover over an individual graphic which will show up automatically with the browser install.)

When you are ready with your published post opened, click on the Tailwind icon in the top right-hand corner of your browser and all of the available graphics for that post will pop up.

Choose Your Social Media Graphics

You should see any of the graphics that are included in your post along with any of the hidden ones. Choose the graphics you would like to share by clicking on each of them. You will know they are selected as they will have a blue line around them.

When you have selected all of the ones you want, click on the blue button in the bottom right-hand corner that says – GO SCHEDULE!.

Choose Your Pinterest Boards

For each graphic, you will need to add all the boards you would like to schedule to, including your group boards. 

Don’t forget to schedule to your own business Pinterest board. If you don’t have one, you should.

You will notice that all the work you did adding ALT Descriptions and hashtags, in the beginning, have paid off and have been transferred over to the Tailwind posts! YAY!! 

If you want to add or change anything to your description, you can edit right in this window before you schedule. Note that this will not change your original description, only the one for this pin.

Adding Post Graphics to Tailwind, Facebook and Twitter
Adding Post Graphics to Tailwind, Facebook and Twitter

Edit the Times You Want Your Pin to Be Scheduled

Once you choose some boards to schedule your pin out to, you will need to set the time that you want them to be pinned. You have a couple of choices here:

  1. Choose “Add to Queue Now” which will fill any vacant spots in your feed. I don’t recommend this unless you are only adding individual pins from the feed onto only one board. If you use it to pin one specific pin to multiple boards, it will go out back to back and you could get shut down for spam.
  2. “Use Interval”. This is the best option for scheduling to multiple boards as you can set the start date and time for the first pin and then create a lapse between each pin. Most pinners only pin the same pin once each day to a different board so I have found it best to set my first pin to “now” and then set a “1d” interval for the rest. Once you determine how much time between posts, you can choose whether you want the interval to be: “Open” – will fill open spots in your schedule, “Optimized” – Will create slots if your schedule is full (good if you already have a full schedule and you want to make sure you have a pin scheduled every day) or “Exact” – choose your own schedule
Tailwind interval settings

PRO TIP: You can set up a list of your favorite boards to save time in “Board Lists” in your Publisher dashboard of Tailwind to save time! I usually schedule out my pin to the most relevant board first, followed by my Best Of board so that it adds to my Pinterest cover.

Using Tailwind to Share to Facebook & Twitter

At this stage, you also have the option to check off to share to your Facebook page, personal Facebook and/or Twitter account if you set those up in the settings in Tailwind.

Note: If you choose to share to Facebook, you will need to add a post description as well to go along with the picture. If you have chosen that graphic to post to multiple boards, it will only be posted once to Facebook. 

Using Tailwind Tribes to Boost Your Pin

Tribes are a section of Tailwind that is similar to a group Pinterest board in that you load your pins there to be shared. The big difference is the ability to produce analytics of how all of your pins are doing within the Tribes. It’s a great way to track the performance of a pin or a post at any given time. 

Once you have picked all your boards and made sure your descriptions are good, click on the Add to Tribes icon within each post. When you are adding to Tribes, you can hover over each one to see if you are within the rules of the Tribe. For example, sometimes you cannot add more than one graphic from the same post or sometimes the Tribe will only accept long posts. 

Schedule Your Pin!

Once you have decided on your interval times, added to your Tribes and decided if you want to schedule to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, click on the button with two checks and “Schedule Now”. Your pins will now be added to your schedule! Tadaaaa!

Pro Tip: While You are still in the Tailwind App, add some Additional Content to your Pinterest Boards that are recommended by Tailwind.

After your posts have been scheduled, a pop will show with content that is similar to yours that you might like to share. Believe it or not, it is a good practice to share more of other’s posts than your own.

Not only does it look less spammy on your end, but you will be adding quality content to your own boards which will draw more engagement.

Tailwind FAQ’s

Here are some of the more popular questions that I get about scheduling with Tailwind:

1. What pins are you supposed to pin? You can (and should) be pinning a combination of your own and other’s content. I suggest starting out with a simple schedule until you get the hang of it like 10 per day and using the 80/20 rule. With this in mind, choose 8 other pins that fit in your niche that you can add to your own boards and 2 of your own pins (use in your boards as well as group boards)

2. How often are you supposed to pin them each day or week? I only pin the same pin once per day on rotating boards. Once the rotation is finished (this will depend on how many boards you have scheduled to), I ideally create a new pin for that post and recirculate.

3. How do you keep up with the group board requirements? Most group boards are 1:1 or 1:2 requirements. If I know that I have 7 pins being pinned to my group boards per week (as an example), I will go back to that group board each week and use my Tailwind browser extension to schedule 30 or 60 pins to my own boards (which is really quick with batch browser scheduling).

Do you use Tailwind to schedule your pins? Does it save you time? Let me know your thoughts below in the comments!

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