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There are many reasons why we choose to start a blog. For some of us, it’s simply a way of keeping in touch with friends and family all over the world and sharing our daily thoughts, musings and insights with them.

For others, it’s a tool to help them to sharpen their creative skills and hone their writing talents for other projects from freelance journalism to creative writing.

For those who want to make a living for, blogging, however, it’s a project that’s rich with opportunity yet full of crazy twists and turns around every corner. These people invest a great deal of time and effort into ensuring that their blog has a healthy reach and a loyal following so that hopefully, one day,  it can make money and become a full-time gig.

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Whether you hope to one day make a living from your blog or not, it’s always worth asking yourself some of these key questions to ensure that it’s living up to its full potential…

Does it use e-commerce?

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If your response to this is “but I don’t have anything to sell” think again! E-commerce does not necessarily mean selling only physical products. 

Your blog can become a healthy revenue stream by showcasing your literary skills and advertising creative writing, copywriting, proofreading or even editing packages through ecommerce.

While there are many plugins and solutions for selling through your blog, it’s worth consulting with a service like to help you to optimize your conversion rates and turn loyal readers into repeat customers.

After all, people check in to read your blog from all over the world. They wouldn’t do that if you didn’t have skills worth monetizing. So don’t sell yourself short!

Does it make proper use of keywords?

There’s some debate among bloggers as to whether or not one really needs to consider SEO when blogging. Many maintain that while SEO needs blogging, blogging doesn’t necessarily need SEO.

What I mean is, while small businesses may use blogging as a content marketing tool, those who blog for the love of it expand their reach through social shares and joining various blogging communities all over the world.

One way or another, it’s always worth doing what you can to ensure that the right people find your blog and one of the best ways to do this is by using keywords.

There’s a great free WordPress plugin called Yoast, which can help you with keywords. I’ve been using Yoast SEO from the beginning and although my tactics have evolved a little, I still go back to that little green smiley face to make sure I’m on the right track.

I also have a great short video on YouTube showing exactly how to use Pinterest to find keywords you can watch below. 

Using Pinterest to find Keywords and Long Tail Key Phrases

Is it responsive?

There are two meanings for this and both are extremely important.

We live in an age where most people today consume digital content and make e-commerce purchases through mobile devices. More often than not, they do so through smart phones. They tend to consume on the go and in short bursts.

You only have a tiny window to keep your reader from bouncing off of your site.

Basically, your website needs to respond quickly to commands through a touch screen, since a page load time of just 7 seconds can increase your bounce rate by over 30%.

Your blog also needs to be responsive in terms of looking and handling well on mobile devices. If your blog does not, you need to rethink your tools, platform or theme. 

Whatever your reason to blogging, it’s up to you to keep tweaking your blog to ensure that it lives up to its true potential!

Is your blog living up to it’s true potential? Drop me a comment below to weigh in!

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