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Earn Extra Money From Home as a Successful and Specialized Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are in demand worldwide. As a virtual assistant, you could find clients in your own community or halfway around the globe. It’s a great way to make a living and work from home. 

You’ll meet interesting people, learn new tasks and responsibilities and perhaps best of all, enjoy the freedom that comes with being your own boss. (I know, this totally sounds like a dream job- because it IS!)

With Pinterest on the rise for marketing businesses and almost every successful blogger using it to increase their traffic, specialized Pinterest VA’s are becoming a hot commodity and increasingly in demand.

In fact, Pinterest has stated that over 250 MILLION people around the world use their platform. This creates an ideal situation for anyone wanting to make money working from home, especially if you love Pinterest!

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Luckily, one of my favorite Pinterest marketers, Megan Johnson from, recently launched a course loaded with everything you could possibly need to know about becoming a successful Pinterest VA.

We had a little chat about how she started out as a blogger and how it evolved into an amazing and profitable career as a full-time Pinterest VA and how you can too!

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How did you get started as a blogger to start your journey as a Pinterest VA making money online?

I started blogging back in 2015 not long after I had my daughter. My blog started out as a parenting blog (hence the name) and about 3 months in I realized I needed to blog about what I know, marketing. I wasn’t the best motherhood blogger! 

What services does a Pinterest Virtual Assistant offer?

A Pinterest VA’s responsibilities include: pin creation, pin scheduling, analytics and metrics audits to make sure the pins are actually converting to website traffic. Group board requests and audits, to make sure the group board you are pinning your clients content to is performing well.

There are also monthly reports to your clients to let them know how things are going, how their profile and pins are performing and a plan moving forward in case things need a little tweaking. 

How much money can you make from home as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant?

A newbie VA can charge anywhere from $20-$25 an hour with each client needing roughly 8 hours of work per month. Which equals $160 – $200 a month per client.

An experienced VA who has a good handle on Pinterest can charge $30-$50 an hour making $240-$400 per client per month. 

How do you become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant?

Anyone can become a Pinterest VA with the proper training! 100% recommend investing in a course that walks you through all the steps! 

Do you have any tips on hiring a Pinterest Virtual Assistant?

Make sure your VA has had success with other clients OR their own Pinterest account. 

Megan also has a great FREE directory of all the Pinterest VA’s who have taken her course that she promotes to her audience to help find and connect them with new clients!

Tell us more about your new Pinterest VA course?

Va Ninja is all about becoming a specialized Pinterest VA.

It walks you through all of the steps on becoming an official business, from becoming an LLC or independent contractor to how to file your taxes! VA Ninja has TONS of premade templates you can use for your own business and has a whole chapter on how to land your first client! I have done all the hard work for you! 

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I’ve personally had a chance to review and use some of the tools in Megan’s Pinterest VA Ninja eCourse and she has literally covered EVERYTHING you might need to get started.

In the eCourse, you’ll learn:

  1. If you need a website
  2. What exactly does a Pinterest VA do
  3. All the legal stuff including taxes and invoicing
  4. Full editable package creation templates (so you have a professional starting point)
  5. Full editable contracts and welcome packages for your new clients
  6. How to create monthly reports for your clients, weekly schedules to help you manage your workflow
  7. How to showcase your work
  8. How to land your VERY FIRST CLIENT!

Where can we all find more Pinterest tips and information on your course from you? What’s the best way to connect?

This page has all of the courses I offer!

Are you thinking about making some extra money on the side as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant?

Virtual assistants are in high demand. Whether you’re looking for full-time work or a part-time income, it can be the perfect solution. You can easily create your Pinterest VA business today and start making money from your skills.

You can see there’s nothing she hasn’t covered and those templates are an amazing way to start your new business off looking like a pro! What an amazing way to make some part-time or full-time income!

Megan Johnson


I’m Megan! I’m a Pinterest Marketing Expert and live and breathe all things Pinterest! I started my Pinterest business back in 2015 and haven’t looked back since! Now I teach others how to make a living from home and drive traffic to their websites all with the help of Pinterest! 

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