UPDATE: Due to changes from Pinterest regarding group boards, Pinsprout was forced to close it’s site down (booooooo). We would like to wish the best for Kristi in the future!

I recently had the privelidge of interviewing Kristi File, creator of PinSprout, a new platform for bloggers to market their content.

We had an amazing time! In this interview, Kristi talks about how she got started in blogging, how the idea of PinSprout developed and how bloggers can use it as a way to get their blog posts seen by the world.

She also gave some amazing advice for new bloggers and the easiest and best ways to start marketing their blogs today!

I have included our live video in here as well if you’re more of a visual person or want to listen to it on your commute or in the background while you’re cleaning (doesn’t everyone do that??).

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Tell me how you first got started blogging.

Blogging became a creative outlet for me after the birth of my son four years ago. As a stay-at-home mom, I enjoyed having something that I did for myself in my spare time. I love sharing my experiences and stories about numerous things including motherhood, health, and fitness – so I’ve blogged on and off about all sorts of topics that I’ve enjoyed over the years.

How did the idea of PinSprout come about?

As a blogger, I’ve spent quite a bit of time promoting my blog posts on various social media platforms, particularly Pinterest. Over the years, I’ve taken some excellent courses on how to increase traffic to my website using Pinterest, and part of my traffic strategy includes leveraging Pinterest group boards.

best blog resources

For those not familiar, Pinterest group boards are just like a regular board, except the owner can invite collaborators to pin to their board – making it a group board.

Finding group boards often proved to be a frustrating, time-consuming task. I didn’t have a lot of time to be searching through Pinterest for group boards, and the only group board directory I knew of, wasn’t regularly updated. So, I was determined to find a better way to find and join group boards.

I worked with an awesome team of software developers to create PinSprout and we beta tested with a few dozen bloggers over the course of a couple months. We received excellent feedback so we decided to share this resource with the blogging community as a whole.

Do you use PinSprout to Market Your Blog?

What is PinSprout?

PinSprout was originally designed to be a user-friendly Pinterest group board directory. However, it’s quickly evolved into an all-encompassing resource for bloggers and online entrepreneurs to promote their content.

Our most popular feature is our Pinterest group board directory, in which visitors search our collection of group boards across a variety of niches.

As you may know, Pinterest encourages pinning to niche-specific boards, whether that be your own personal boards or group boards.

And our goal at PinSprout is to provide our visitors with a robust selection of group boards within their blogging niche.

We’ve also recently added a Pinterest Community directory. If you’re not familiar, Pinterest is currently experimenting with an exciting new Communities feature. They’re the newest place to share tips, feedback, and ideas with people who share your interests. And they can be a great way to interact with others in your blogging niche and further grow your brand and business.

They’re still in testing mode and it seems Pinterest is still working out some glitches but for those who are interested in checking it out, we’ve created a directory to help you locate Communities within your niche.

Our newest feature is our collection of Promo Groups. Our Promo Groups are like a combination of Tailwind tribes and Facebook promotion groups.

Essentially, a Promo Group is a community of niche-specific bloggers dedicated to increasing blog traffic for themselves and the group as a whole.

They allow you to easily promote your blog posts every single day. And they’re a place for you to join forces with like-minded bloggers to promote your content to a wider audience and share related content that your followers will love.

It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s an awesome way to drive traffic to your blog!

How can beginner bloggers use PinSprout to grow their blogs?

The sole purpose of PinSprout is to help bloggers grow their blogs and increase their website traffic. I highly encourage new bloggers to connect with other bloggers within their niche to share each other’s content.

One great way to do this is to browse our collection of Promo Groups and join those that relate to your blog content. This will help get your content in front of audiences already interested in your subject matter, which will then increase quality traffic to your blog.

I also suggest using our Pinterest group board directory to make group boards a part of your traffic strategy. Joining quality group boards can get your content in front of a larger audience which can be extremely beneficial if you’re a brand new blogger with a small Pinterest following.

Any blogging tips or advice you would give to new bloggers starting to market their blog?

My first piece of advice would be to get to know Pinterest. It’s by far the best way to quickly drive thousands of viewers to your blog every month – for free.

Pinterest can seem like a beast at first. I was so intimidated to learn how to use it as a marketing tool for my blog in the beginning. But I realized, it really is the best way to get traffic to your website as a new blogger. So, I suggest learning all you can about Pinterest. Read up on it, take a course or two, whatever works best for your learning style.

After investing in a few expert Pinterest courses over the years, I’ve been able to develop a pretty solid understanding of Pinterest fundamentals to develop traffic strategies, even when algorithms are changed and new features are implemented. So it’s definitely worth learning the ways of Pinterest and staying current with what Pinterest wants from bloggers and content creators.

I know that justifying an investment of hundreds of dollars into a course for a brand new blog can be tough. So if you’re new to Pinterest, or if you’re simply looking for an actionable Pinterest traffic strategy, you might consider checking out Pinsprout’s Pinterest Traffic Toolkit.

Some of the highlights you’ll find in our Toolkit include in-depth instruction on how to design + create viral pins to attract the right kind of traffic to your blog, you’ll learn how to implement necessary fundamental Pinterest strategies that every blogger should know, and we’ll help you to develop and execute a customized Pinterest traffic strategy for each stage of your blogging career.

It’s an easy read full of actionable items to get your Pinterest traffic strategy on track. And it’s a fraction of the price of many Pinterest courses you’ll find out there.

And lastly outside of Pinterest, I suggest taking advantage of Facebook Groups and our Promo Groups to promote your content for free.

As I’ve mentioned, promotional groups like these can be an amazing way to get your content in front of larger audiences, in an effort to drive quality traffic directly back to your blog. Especially when you’re just starting out and your current audience is on the smaller side.

Are you off to check out PinSprout?? You will love it!

Kristi File is an online entrepreneur with a passion for social media marketing. With over 5 years of creating, testing, and implementing marketing strategies across various social media platforms, she is passionate about keeping current with marketing trends and helping other online entrepreneurs and bloggers do the same. You can find her over at pinsprout.com

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