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High productivity for bloggers is essential to staying on track and being successful.

What few people realize before they get into blogging is how much work goes into it. I mean, it’s not just writing posts. You have to come up with content, proofread, format, take and edit photos, brand yourself, promote yourself on social media, build your email list — it can all be so daunting!

With so much on our plates and so little structure or outside pressure to get things done, it can be hard to keep ourselves productive. I’ve had my fair share of struggles with motivation, but there are a number of solutions I’ve found that increase my productivity on a weekly basis.

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Create a Daily Schedule

I can’t stress enough how important it is to create a schedule for yourself as a blogger. After all, the lack of structure is what causes so many people to end up putting off their work!

Think about it — in a normal job, you go to work at a certain time, and you know that while you’re there, it’s time to put away distractions and be productive. Why not set aside a similar time for your blog?

When creating a schedule for yourself, be sure to take into account when you focus best. Last summer at my internship, I struggled to find the motivation to work on my blog after work. Then one morning I woke up and couldn’t fall back to sleep, so I decided to get out of bed and work on my blog.

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I immediately discovered that working in the morning made me ten times more motivated! If your current routine isn’t working for you, try switching things up and see if you can figure out something better. It’s worth a shot!

Set Goals

Sometimes with blogging, it feels like we’re treading water. We’re focusing on so many different things, but we feel like we don’t see much growth overall. What can we do to make sure we’re actually making progress?

The key is to set goals. Not only do goals give us a clear image of success to work towards, but they also give us something specific to focus on. Know you need to grow your email list? Maybe your goal is to gain your first 50 subscribers in the next three months.

Want to improve engagement on Instagram? Try to write a question in every caption you post this week. When you finally reach your goal, you’ll feel like you’re making real progress on your blog, rather than wasting your time working without direction.

Have a Plan

In the same vein, it’s easy to get pulled into a lot of different directions unless you have some sort of plan in place. When you develop a strategy for how to go about reaching your goals and improving your blog, you’ll feel you’re using your work time more productively and effectively.

If you’re new to strategic planning for your blog, I suggest picking two or three different things to focus on for the next 90 days. Depending on where you are in your blogging journey and what you want to prioritize, these could include any of the following:

  • Writing more posts
  • Creating an opt-in
  • Promoting your opt-ins
  • Improving your relationship with your email list
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Creating a product

When in doubt, start with fewer things so you know you can give them the proper attention, then add more when you become comfortable.

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Use a Planner for Increased Productivity

Use Productivity Tools to Increase Efficiency

From there, you can actually create a plan for how you’re going to blog each week; I use Trello for this. Creating an editorial calendar can save time knowing in advance what I’m going to write each week. And, I also plan any launches as well as what’s going to be in my email newsletters.

Planning all of this out in advance means you can just plow through everything down the road without much decision-making (which is a big cause of procrastination!).

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Stay Organized

I can’t stress enough how important it is to stay organized as a blogger. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed by everything you have to do on a weekly basis unless you have a system in place. That’s why I suggest having some sort of weekly list of tasks to do.

I have certain tasks that I do on certain days of the week. For example, on Saturday I write a rough draft of a blog post, and on Thursday I crank out my email newsletter. However, you don’t need to be as specific as this if you don’t want to.

I suggest having some sort of way of organizing your tasks. Whether you have certain days of the week designated to certain things, a recurring weekly to-do list that incorporates your priorities, or a bunch of deadlines in your planner. This way, you always know what you’re supposed to be working on, and you can make sure nothing gets overlooked.


If you’re still having trouble with productivity, it may be time for some self-reflection. What’s causing you to put off your work? Are you afraid of putting yourself out there? Is blogging not what you expected it to be? Are you falling into the comparison trap?

I put off my current launch for two months because I was afraid it was going to fail as badly as my first one did. I made the excuse to myself that my email list wasn’t big enough to launch the product.

But you know what? Now that I realized my fear, I’m getting out there and doing it anyway. Sometimes all it takes is some introspection to realize what’s getting in the way of your productivity and stop it in its tracks.

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If you were feeling a little overwhelmed by your blog and unsure how to nail down your productivity, hopefully, you gained some helpful tips from this post. The key to making real progress with your blog is knowing what you’re going to do and how you’re going to do it.

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I’m Megan, a new college grad who majored in music and with a minor in arts management; I’m a composer, oboist, and lover of coffee and tea. I went to school in the Midwest, but I’ve lived in a number of places for internships, and who knows where I’ll end up when I get a job!

My goal with Overthinker’s Notebook is to help other girl bosses balance their side hustle with full-time work or school. With (almost) a year of maintaining my blog throughout both music school and my 9-5 summer job, I’ve experienced the ups and downs and gotten this whole thing figured out. My existing time management skills helped, of course!

There are so many blogs about there about turning your blog into your full-time job, but I want both, you know? I’m ambitious, and if you are too, my blog is for you! If you enjoy reading, check out my blog at!

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