Interview with Rockstar Business Coach, Adina Kroll

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Talking to a Genuine Rockstar

I met Adina in the same moment as I started my blogging journey. She was real, genuine and a non-BS kind of woman that I could admire and really look to for advice.

She helped me to suss out what my “problem” of what being afraid to succeed was really all about and we started an amazing kinship that was so different from any that I had ever encountered in any of my businesses.

When I decided several months later that I would try some kind of new outlet for my content like podcasting or interviews, Adina was at the top of my list. Her inspiring nature and naked approach to reality was one that I knew entrepreneurs could really dig their teeth into. And I knew that I would share it with you all one day.

So, I finally, nailed this incredibly talented business coach down for an interview about how women sell themselves short and why you should stop that SHIT right now. ENJOY!

And- if you’re wondering about the “rockstar” reference… She was a singer in a band. Told ya. Rock. Star.

Tell me about how you first got started as a business coach?

It wasn’t planned – I fell into coaching after having tried thousands of ideas until I realised (crying in my bathtub) that I was incredible at helping others with their business ideas. So, I started life coaching, soon found out I attracted people who have a lot of relationship issues and I couldn’t handle it at the time, then I dove deeper and found out it’s the business side of things I love doing.

I started helping women with their side hustles but that still wasn’t quite right and I had another deep dive into what I want. So I then saw with the help of my coach, that sales are the thing I’m fabulous at – and helping women charge more and work less.

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Women who have a business already, who love money but flinch at asking for it. Who find the idea of selling gross but know their business is what they want to be doing!

When did you first recognize that women undervalue their time and skillsets?

When I saw myself in my colleagues at work. I spoke to them and got to know them better, women I admire and always will, women I thought were far stronger than me had the same crazy beliefs that they, too, didn’t have what it takes. That they can’t change anything. I was dumbstruck as to why these women who I wanted to be like thought they didn’t have the power to make a difference.

I wanted to be a catalyst. I didn’t want anyone to cry in meetings because they didn’t feel they could speak up safely, assert themselves without being considered a ‘bitch’ or even make the money that is so abundant on this earth.

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Why do you think that businesswomen often sell themselves short when it comes to making sure they value their services appropriately?

Comparison is the short answer. In a world of social media and a the thought of entrepreneurship being equal to a holiday on the beach where nobody worries and just gets paid to have fun.

It’s hard to imagine that when we build a business and see everyone else posting their “awesome” photos that we can have the same when we’re clearly struggling.

So the easiest thing to do, by what we’ve been taught, is to look at this and think “Hm, I’m not there yet, so I better charge less, say less and get some testimonials under my belt.”

What often happens is that because they’re comparing their chapter 2 to someone else’s chapter 22. Look at their services and think “If this person sells 3 months for 20k why don’t I do 3 months for 500$ and give them everything I have to blow their shit away?”.

They trade time for money and dismiss where value comes from.

What tips would you give for a new entrepreneur to help them be more confident in their business?

Stop giving a shit what you look like in comparison to others. When we start out most people don’t know our business exists, and we stop ourselves from being visible, from showing up out of fear of being judged. Harsh truth?

We’re not that important. Not even half the people we think will watch us (at first) so we have complete freedom to suck. And suck we must, to grow.

I stopped myself from being visible for years thinking people will laugh at me. Turns out, I thought more people were interested in me than actually was the case. Our ego let’s us think the whole world cares. But really, we have to make a move for the world to care in first place, and showing up is the first step.

Funnels, lists, social media strategies are all good, but if you want to make money doing what you love, you have to show up for the people who do care, show up for them, even if it’s one person. And soon, one person turns into two, two turn into 4, 4 turn into 16, 16 turn into 200 and so on.

We lose way too much time fucking around on facebook trying to play with the people who have gone through the first chapters. Don’t run before you can walk, but learn to crawl and you’ll run in no time.

The other thing I’d mention is this- If you’re ready to sell but aren’t doing it because it feels ‘icky’ let me tell you this:

Being pushed into a sale is bullshit.

Yes, there are pushy people out there, but we have the power to say no. So if you’re not selling or making offers because you had a “pushy” sales experience before, know that everyone has the power to say no to someone selling something.

Go out and get rich, change the world, but don’t hide behind your processes or social media. I’ve done that. It has shit ROI.  😉

Tell us about your killer book!

OHHHH yes – that book was actually in the making for 2 years (except it took me a month to write it) It was meant to be an opt-in PDF for my website. Once I started writing I realised I had already written 2 chapters.

It’s for the women who don’t know what to do yet. The ladies who know there’s something for them but they’re stuck in a job and feel like their hands are tied.

You see a coach can only do so much. If you don’t know what you want yet and, like me, want to do ALL of the things, taking a step at a time is important, and my book is giving them the roadmap I took.

It took me 5 years (plus 19 more if you count my childhood 😉 ) to find what I love doing. And instead of forcing it, sometimes doing and trying while having a plan is the best thing you can do.

How can we find more of your amazing self online? Are there other ways to connect?

Damn straight – I hang out on facebook a lot def connect with me there (and send me a message, so I know where you’re coming from)

Also via my website join my mailing list via I love the girls on my list and they get insights into parts of my work that I don’t always share with the outside and any other cool offers (because you know, there’s gotta be a cool benefit to being in a clan full of women 😉 )

And if you just wanna say hi or work with me send me a message via [email protected]

I also have a cool group full of women called the “Hustlers Cocktail Lounge Collective” find us

Adina Kroll

Adina an international business coach, author and speaker for female entrepreneurs who LOVE money but flinch at asking for it! Having had over 8 years of sales experience Adina helps women go beyond just covering bills and get rich to create an impact.

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