• My recent coaching call with Sasha was the best business decision I’ve made! My blog was going nowhere and I knew I needed help. I desperately wanted my blog to succeed, but I didn’t know how to get to that point. With Sasha’s help, I now have a blog plan and I have been putting it to work! Having a plan gives me hope that I will be able to help my audience and grow my business at the same time. I can’t stress enough how important it is to invest in a coaching call. Without Sasha’s help, my blog would still be still idle and not reaching its full potential. I highly recommend booking a coaching call with Sasha! Jessica Dowell Designs
    Jessica Dowell Designs
  • I am so thankful to have found this website! I’m a blogger just starting out, and her articles are invaluable! I learn more in one read on here than I would in countless hours doing my own research on the internet! Whether you’re an established blogger, or just starting from scratch, there’s something here for you! I owe my own website going live, to her help. I’m sure if I hadn’t found this site, my website would still be years away from going live! Thank you so much!!! You can bet, I’ll stay tuned in and keep learning from you as I’m growing my own blog! Wacky World of Wildflower

    Margaret Thomas – Wacky World Of Wildflower
  • Sasha has invaluable information for the beginner blogger. Her audits offer very clear, constructive criticism that helps but doesn’t make one want to throw their hands up and quit. She gives you a clear trajectory leading to where you need to go while being both corrective, yet encouraging. I’ve read several of her articles and applied the information presented. My blog is looking 5x better these days thanks to Sasha!

    Lesley Goynes – Subscription Craze
  • Sasha is full of knowledge and always there to help. Thanks to Sasha and her Glitteratti Membership Group I have gone from 500 pageviews to 2500 pageviews in a month! She has been there to help me through all my technical issues and get my website headed in the right direction! She is always adding the latest, greatest ways to help you grow your blog and not only does she offer a great course but she has so many free resources to help get you going! Thanks for everything Sasha, I couldn’t have done it without you! Jenn Summers TheOldSummersHome.com

    Jenn Summers – The Old Summers Home