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When I was recently asked to decorate for my Aunt’s wedding, I was beyond excited. I always thought being a wedding planner was like being able to have your own wedding over and over again, each time perfecting the little details.

Of course, I do have a little practice. With three weddings under my own proverbial belt, I could definitely take on someone else’s. BUT- I really had no idea how much pressure there is to make someone else’s wedding perfect!!

Flowers are always serious business when it comes to weddings.

At all three of mine I’m pretty sure it ate up at least a third of the decorating budget. And for good reason. Flowers can make the difference between a bush town shotgun wedding and a dream come true.

Knowing that I would be getting crafty on this pretty tight budget, I headed out to Michael’s with my husband in tow for help. We bought all of our wedding centerpieces at Michael’s’ before and so I figured that this would be a breeze. We scoured not one, but two Michael’s stores for some kind of deal – some kind of “AHA” moment where I could see all the centerpieces joyfully dancing around in my head. Turns out, he doesn’t have much of an eye for floral arrangements.

Needless to say, all of the fall arrangements were in high gear and the summer floral selection was dismal. Unless I was going to spend at least $25 on one flower- this was not going to happen.

Feeling at little defeated, we headed home and I went to my next trusty source. Amazon.

I am an Amazon huntress. I will search forever to find the “perfect” thing. And living in a small town, online shopping has become a must. One thing to keep in mind, I always shop Prime items only. This way it’s guaranteed shipping (if you are a Prime member like I am), the items generally ship crazy fast, and if you are not happy, returns are simple. Did you know you can get Prime FREE for 30 days??

So after a lengthy search, I came across some seemingly great looking arrangements of peonies in white and pale pink that would fit perfectly with my colour scheme. They were a bit over my budget but I knew that if they were full enough, I could get away with half of them for tables and use the rest for the venue. They came ridiculously quickly – I ordered on Saturday night and they were here on Tuesday!

I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect because I can say, I have seem some hideous artificial arrangements in my time. I opened the box, and well.. was a bit taken aback. How could these things possibly be as nice as the picture considering they look like flower-drumsticks??

Flower drumsticks

I took some time removing each flower from the less-than-lifelike stem, adjusting all of the plastic pieces back into a natural shape and fluffing up the petals.

Honestly, they are so beautiful. I couldn’t have asked for more. AND.. they are so full, instead of having 21 individual arrangements, I now have 42 which is more than enough to finish off the centerpieces and the entire venue for a cohesive look. I’m seriously asking for a bouquet when the wedding is over.

Flowers cut apart and separated into groups
Flowers all fluffed up
Only half of the arrangement- I LOVE IT!

Final Review

If you want to get your hands on these beauties, you can find them on Amazon here.

Overall, I am pretty impressed by how real these flowers look and I’m sure they are going to be a show-stopper at the wedding.

Have you found any great flowers on Amazon?? I’d love to hear about it below!

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