Interview with Money Saving Ninja and Blogger, Nadia Malik from Speaking of Cents

Are you wondering what it really costs to start a blog that can make money down the road? In this interview with Nadia Malik, money-saving ninja from Speaking of Cents, we discuss what it really takes to start a profitable blog.
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I so often see people who are on the fence to start their blogs in my blogging community. I see it right away. They want to make money but they don’t want to spend any money to make it.

I can tell you from ANY business standpoint – that’s just not reality. I know there are thousands of Pinterest posts stating how you can “Start a Blog for Free”. But none of those talk about how to start a PROFITABLE blog for free. And there’s a reason for that. You simply can’t.

You might be able to duct tape a few solutions, but in the end, if you want to really make money– things are going to cost you some dough.

So, I brought in the money making and saving expert, Nadia Malik from Speaking of Cents to give us the low down on how much it actually cost to make a profitable blog in 2019. (Our interview is at the end of this post if you’re more of a visual gal!)

How did you first get started blogging?

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I have been a stay at home mom since my first daughter was born and it was a big decision and a big income change when we both decided that it’s best if one of us stayed home with the kids.

With that decision and a baby in our lives I was always looking out for ways to cut down expenses and save money wherever I could. It did not take me long time to learn how to manage it.

Over the years and having two more kids, money-saving became an important part of my life. I was reading all these blogs where bloggers were telling different ways of saving money. I got hooked on those and the more I read, I fell in love with them. I was able to pay off all our debt with a paid off house two years ago all with one income.

All the money saving tips and commitment to do it paid off and since then we have no debt whatsoever. When it was time for me to get back to work as my youngest one was about to start school, I could not commit to a full-time day job as my daughter was enrolled in a half-day program.

When I added up all the after-school costs, I realized that It’s not worth it and it was better if I started doing something remote. That’s when I decided to start a blog. It was not a big investment and I knew that I can write in order to help people achieve their financial goals quickly and efficiently.

Can you start a blog for free?

I am big on saving money on anything and everything but when it comes to serious blogging there is no such thing as free. You need to get some services that can vary in cost depending on your choices but you cannot start a blog for free.

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If anything is too good to be true, it usually is not true ;). There is a small start-up cost though and you can cover it as soon as you start monetizing from your blog.

How Much Does it Cost to Start a Profitable Blog?

What does it cost to start a self-hosted blog on WordPress?

The cost of self-hosted blog can vary depending on what hosting company you are opting for and what kind of website you are planning to design. The basic website can cost you between $50-$100/year.

If you go with a more customized lay out and advanced plugins, it would cost you around $500-$1,000/year. It all varies on what you want for your website.

Can you design a blog yourself or does that cost extra money?

If you have a background in graphic designing or you are good at coding and stuff, you can do it yourself. If you have good aesthetic sense and a little bit of technical background you can definitely design it. But if you are someone who has no clue on the technical side, it is better to hire someone.

The costs really depend on the service you are getting. It can go up to several thousand if you need lot of assistance in different aspects of blog design. The costs also depend on the theme and templates you choose for your site.

Are there other costs that you should be aware of?

WordPress is an open source software which can be installed on any kind of website. There are three basic things that you should expect to pay money for,

  • Web Hosting
  • Domain name
  • Design
  • Plugins
  • and any Add-on

On top of these, you might have to pay if you are getting your site designed from a professional. Any social media tools that you are using like tailwind can add up on the cost. Email marketing tool can add up in your costs if you are not using free one. If you are planning to hire a VA for your help, that will add up in extra costs.

What do you typically spend per month for blogging expenses?

I am paying around $700/year and it includes the hosting, Website theme, Tailwind, Convertkit and few other things here and there.

Where can we find more tips on saving money and blogging from you?

All over my blog, I have money saving tips and many articles on how to create extra income and how to start Passive income as an add-on to their regular day jobs. Many posts on blogging tools where you can find how money can be saved if you want to start a blog with a minimal budget.

Author Bio

I am just a regular mom who is trying to make the best of everyday. Some days I am rocking it and some days I have no clue what is happening in my life. I am calling Dallas home after moving several times in the past few years. Lived in Canada for few years and I don’t think I can handle the cold. I have 3 beautiful daughters and you can definitely call my BLOG my new baby as I am guilty of spending too much time on it. Started writing regularly as a blogger last year and fell in love with it. Feels like this is something I can do without getting tired. Love camping, baking and golfing with my girls.

True believer in girl power and I feel like Mamas can do everything and anything if they put their mind to it. All the Mom Bloggers making good money with their blogs while taking care of their kids give me strength to keep pushing every day. If they can do it, I can do it too. Not very good at technical side but I am learning every day.

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