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Is working for yourself the new road to success? Thinking about quitting your job? Or is this something that you have already taken that leap of faith and done? Don’t worry if either of these describes you, you are not alone. More people around the world are looking to have a better quality of life.

Thinking about quitting your job? Or is this something that you have already taken that leap of faith and done? Don’t worry if either of these describes you, you are not alone. More people around the world are looking to have a better quality of life.

A lot of people are wanting to gain more time with their families and have enough money to live their best lives all while creating an impact of their own. People all around the world are researching ways to be impactful, learn positive things and ideas, not to mention awareness.

One of the top researched words in google was the word good. People are looking for better. Sound familiar? Well, get a load of this.

New studies from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) have shown an increase in unemployment. Statistics have also shown that more ads have gone out for hiring positions than the number of workers that are being employed and taking these positions. The national unemployment rate has risen by 0.2%.

What also seems to be incredibly interesting is the rate of new businesses entering the economy and the old ones that are exiting. Studies have shown that entrepreneurship has been playing a growth in the U.S Economy through young and small businesses.

Last year of 2018 2.4% of U.S workers voluntarily quit their jobs. In case you are wondering that is millions of workers. There haven’t been rates this outstanding since 2001 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Although the year has just begun forty-three states and the District of Columbia have not shown any notable difference since last year’s statistics thus far.

Due to wage rates and companies lacking the ability to promote as frequently as they should; people have been quitting their jobs. Rather gain a more lucrative position elsewhere, or to create their own legacy, it is more than clear the economy is changing rapidly.

Reading this and wondering where you may fit in all of this? That’s easy, let’s weigh out the pros and cons.

Is working for yourself the new road to success?

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Benefits of Running Your Own Busisess

∙       The job security that you can have when owning your own business is completely up to you.

∙       Not to mention how awesome it is when all your hard work pays off and you are able to have income at your disposal to diversify all your earnings to invest in the things that you would prefer.

∙       Also, as previously mentioned when is the last time you had the freedom to travel as you please, or spend time with your family?

∙       You also can meet and network with new people all around the world depending on what it is that you do.

∙       No more waiting to share all those brilliant ideas that you have brewing inside of you. You are the idea, how amazing.

∙       Don’t forget about the many things that you will learn about yourself as you begin your own business.

∙       This may not seem huge; however, you’d be doing work that makes you happy no matter the location. That is enough to give a great sense of purpose.

∙       You can retire young, who said you must enjoy life when you barely can move anymore. Enjoy it while you can.

∙       Having your own company can provide generational wealth.

∙       You do not have the freedom to move as you please when you have obligations that must be met for the company in which you are employed.

∙       Life happens, a lot of times companies you may be employed by are not as forgiving.

Is working for yourself the new road to success?

Downside to Running Your Own Business

∙       Having a job brings routine and a guaranteed income if you remain working for the company.

∙       It takes a while before you can establish a business and begin making enough income to live from. With a job, you can still pay your bills.

∙       You’re not held solely responsible for the business when things go wrong.

∙       You have the option to have great benefits provided depending on the company, for you and your family.

Other Things to Consider to Starting Your Own Business

After going through this list and your own list of pros and cons, did you figure out the answer? Here, let me help.

The answer is seeing what best benefits you. This list doesn’t mean get up and quit your job today without a plan. However, if quitting your job is something that you decide to do, find a plan, stick to it, and set a date.

Focus and Execution are Key to Being Successful

Businesses can be hard to run, especially in the beginning when you’re googling how to do everything so you can get your feet off the ground and start seeing a return on investments.

Begin learning the basics before jumping in thinking the water is waist deep, only to find out the water was chin deep and you can barely keep your head above water.

Write down what success means to you. What one person considers a success another may not. When you’re aware of what you deem a success begin calculating things according to your budget.

Starting a business takes money, and there is no reason why the job that you have cannot be beneficial to fuel your business.

Is working for yourself the new road to success?

There’s nothing like being unable to afford the essentials that you need to start a business. Invest in yourself no matter how crazy your vision may seem. Learn as much as you can, and never stop learning well after you have gotten better.

Keep up to date on information and decide what is going to make you different from others in your field. There are others before you waiting to give out valuable information.

Is the economy changing, perhaps it is, perhaps it’s not?

However, if you’re still reading this and you’ve made it all the way to this point, I’m pretty sure starting a business is for you. What are you waiting for? Assess what’s best for you. The time is now.

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